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Salon, Spa & Continuing Education Center
Cystic and Vulgaris Acne
First Treatment performed by Ms. Natalie Prieto

Contact Ms. Prieto:
Third Treatment

Significant improvement.

Ms. Prieto's treatment was based on organic formulas that incorporated ingredients such Burdock Root, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Royal Jelly, Sulfur and Zinc.

The skin was cleansed with Ultrasound, exposed to Blue and Green Light.
Ingredients were directed inside skin by Ultrasound and medium frequency of Tesla Current.
Highlights & Lowlights & Long Layers Haircut

Performed by  Ms. Erika Rodriguez - Cosmetologist at Alexander's Salon
Contact Ms. Rodriquez:  (702) 340-6719
(We are located on Pecos Road bet. Sunset Road and  Post Lane, right behind the "Red Blind Tiger Lounge")


Before and after 4 treatments. For more information about this treatment contact Ms. Melanie Layman @


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Welcome to Alexander's Salon!

We are proud to offer all our customers a impressive variety of beauty services which meet the highest standards of Beauty Industry. 
We perform all hair services as follows: haircuts, color, hair extensions, highlights, low-lights and styling. Our skin care services are performed with state of the art equipment.

We use the latest technology to improve and fix conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation, Premature Ageing and Weight related conditions (Cellulite, Stretched Marks, and Flabby Muscles).
Years of experience and achieved knowledge place our Estheticians to the top in Acne treatments Therapies.

We cure ALL TYPES OF ACNE; and we cure it by using only ORGANIC home made formulas. Our clients don't have to purchase skin care products; each client is advised and guided towards the best home care that includes nothing else but scientific use of herbs, seeds, essential oils and fruit alcohol.

We operate the only Continuing Education Center for Estheticians and Cosmetologists in the state of Nevada. Our classes and workshops are taught by experienced Professionals and Instructors.

We offer over 20 types of Workshops and Training Classes.

We are register with NV Board of Cosmetology as a Continuing Education Provider for Eyelash Training Classes; check our registration

We offer FREE OF CHARGE, detailed scientific skin analysis by reading our client's skin type and conditions using a UV Skin Scanner and a Computerized Skin Analyzer. Knowing our client's skin conditions allows us to choose the right path of the treatment and ingredients that must be used to improve the skin functions and texture.

Our treatments are unique due to the fact that we treat skin conditions without aiming to change the skin type that is inherited at birth.

Each client will benefit 100% with every facial because we customize all their skin needs.

The price of your treatment will always be the same; price established upon beginning of the treatment, no matter how many adjustments we have to make as we complete your treatment.

All the mixtures that are used on our clients face and body are 100% ORGANIC; all formulated fresh prior to each treatment.

This is proof that our Estheticians knows how to treat skin!

These pictures shows that Ms. Melanie Layman suffered from Acne. The top left picture shows the aggravated Acne Vulgaris Ms. Layman suffered in 2012.

After six months of treatment Ms. Layman cured her Acne completely and now enjoys her NEW beautiful skin. You can too!

For more information about this treatment please contact Ms. Layman at: 


We cure ANY type of Acne.
We use only ORGANIC skin care mixtures.
We make your cleansers, toners & lotions.
We customize your treatments to your skin's needs.
We guide you with your Home Care Regimen.